MonkeyPatch's DNA is built around 5 core values

We're proud to build a stable team with shared values and the same passion for coding.


A passion for coding

The passion for IT that all our Monkeys share means that they are always at the cutting edge of technology and methods. They demonstrate a real team spirit and are committed over the long term, establishing a close relationship with the rest of the team through regular exchanges.



We only recruit people with at least 5 years' experience and with a certain level of expertise in our chosen fields. In order to maintain this expertise in the future, from the launch of the MonkeyPatch adventure, we have introduced days dedicated to enhancing our knowledge. Alone or in groups, these days allow us to delve into new technologies, attend conferences and hackathons.


Team spirit

Our Monkeys are evolving in a start-up environment where a good atmosphere reigns! Coffee, good humour and unlimited bananas! Coffee, tea, bananas, other fruits and good humour are all available! Monkeys also regularly organise social gatherings and barbecues (for new arrivals, returning from holiday, good news to celebrate...). We also arrange in-house events such as "Hackamonks" (our hackathons) and MonkeyTechDays (technical experimentation days). Most of these are usually followed by a fun and friendly activity.



During the development of digital products or services, innovation plays a key role in the commitment of technical teams. Thanks to our development expertise, we support our customers in using the latest technologies and methods, so that your teams can reduce implementation costs and get fully involved in their work. The days dedicated to technological monitoring given to the Monkeys, anable them to assimilate technologies ahead of our customers.


Professional fulfillment

Monkeys decide for themselves the direction they want for their careers. In terms of choice of assignments, location, technologies and technological watch, they are in total control of their careers. MonkeyPatch support them and help them to develop their skills so that they can fully enjoy their work.

The Monkey advantages

New-tech oriented projects

New-tech oriented projects

Attractive and fair remuneration

Attractive and fair remuneration

A Monkey Pack and some Monkeys Days

A Monkey Pack and some Monkeys Days

A horizontal organisation

A horizontal organisation

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